Challenge lock: BIND

KIK cylinder with BIND engraved Reverse side, KIK cylinder with P-V-K-8 engraved


Estimated difficulty: BLUE to PURPLE. Legend has it CajunLockPick has upped the difficulty significantly by adding some modifications. Thank you!!

Gutting: OK. USE KEY TO GUT, not a blank and core shim. (Bitting is provided under spoilers if you need a new key.) Cap may be very difficult to unscrew as there's gunk in the threads.


Have fun!


What was inside, originally

(Bitting is 64757 on a SC1 blank, if you need it.)

Cuts were made in the housing and plug to add a sidebar that interfaces with the key pins. Key pins have grooves which allow the sidebar to enter. (The sidebar is not spring loaded, but will be pushed out of the plug by spring pressure on the pins.)

The idea is that if the sidebar binds on the key pins first, before the plug rotation would cause binding at the shearline, the key pins will be locked into place before testing whether the pins are raised to the right height. An attempt at "set, then authenticate."

No key inserted, sidebar cannot fully retract
Correct key inserted, sidebar can retract into plug
Full gutting of lock
Closeup of grooved keypins
Bitting is 64757

(please forgive the asymmetry and lack of false gates, my dremel is not an effective lathe.)

Notes on fabrication: it would be much more effective to taper the bottoms of the drivers and the tops of the key pins, as binding seems to switch back and forth between sidebar and shearline. It's also nearly impossible to overset a pin! So a heavier tension and full lift of each pin should produce a fairly easy open. (Not that I can pick it!!)