locksport and the people who love it

This is a placeholder page to represent my abiding interest in locks. :) Locksport is a wonderful hobby with so many facets: collecting, learning to pick, varied lock patents, history, tool fabrication, engineering tradeoffs, tradeoffs due to capitalism, supply chains, etc.

I've had a hand in making fork of mh's visualizer for Knollan lock internals, as well as Blank Reg's locker unlocker tool, a computerized assistant for his factory code attacks (Google Doc.)

Yehonatan Knoll, the inventor of the previous lock, has also proposed a pick-resistant wafer lock (PDF, short video), tentatively known as a "crankshaft" lock. You can explore the bittings using another visualizer, which can try to filter out bittings that are likely pickable with a straight tool.

As a curiosity, there's the Kwikset & Schlage key pin interchanging reference. Don't interchange the two for locks in use. It's not worth it!